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Hola! My name is Ora and this my webpage. I created this website as a task with Morningside Authors, --an ESL and Website Development course. If you would like to hire me, fill up the contact form found on this page. Below is my personal Resume, along with some examples of online sites and content material I posted before.

Graduated with honors from McGrade University
6 years of content creation experience (particularly intended for Internet based target audience)
7 years of web development experience.
Committed, self-motivated professional with a taste for particulars.

Work Experience.
Morningside Authors,2007 - Present
Office manager
In command of arranging a international crew of writers to accommodate a multifaceted range of advanced goals and objectives.
- Make new records for output, boosting production by 20% throughout the world
- Correctly operated successive logs of project distribution
- Handled QA for international development over a sizable crew of content writers

Self-employed Web Designer

Additional Skills
Proficient in Mandarin
Excellent proficiency using a huge choice of office software

Samples of English Writing


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Tanker Boots

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Fresh new designs and styles of shoes come then go every season. There are times that a certain unique design can manage to stay in the fashion world for several seasons. Nevertheless, ladies should not go with the fashion style and trend every... Continue reading..

White Flats

Flats are shoes that have flat heels. They come in a variety of styles, designs, sizes, colors and prices. As for the color, some of the most widely used flats are white.... More on this page..

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Yellow Pumps

Pumps are available in various stores. You can find platform, low, medium and high heeled pumps. You can choose any from the open-, closed-, and peep- toed pumps. What makes a pump different from any other type of shoe is that it has no fastening which makes it a lot easier and faster for women to wear. Pumps are known for their versatility as... Click here to read more..

Best Running Shoes For Women

When you are selecting the best running shoes for women, avoid bargaining on the price and purchasing a substandard, low quality pair. You running comfort and experience... More on this site..

Blue Shoes

The market and fashion trends change over time. Nowadays, blue is a favorite color of several women in terms of high heels. Blue high-... To read more click here...

Shoe Laces

The shoe lace can be loosened and untied, letting the shoe open wide for the foot of the wearer to enter. It can... Click here to continue..

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To make the search efficiently faster and easier, it is better to see smaller publications. You need to consider the classified ads in newspapers as they can contain advertisements on... Source..

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres are the pinnacle of any city or town.Having one central area to purchase everything you possibly need makes shopping trips fast and easy.Some Shopping Centres in major cities can take an entire day to get through if one wanted to see everything available in them.In some small towns, the Mini-Mall Shopping Centres also have proven to be great gathering places, while offering comfortably sized venues for small businesses to set up shop and conduct... Continue reading..

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Canada Coupons Printable

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Birthstones For Each Month

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Catholic Cross

Before the Christian religion the cross was considered as a way of executing criminals and it is said to be painful and horrific. When it became associated with the Christian religion it became a symbol of Jesus’ sacrifice and love for the world. There are different types of cross with varying designs, shapes and sizes. It is a common sight and it can... More on this site..

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Diamond Cross Necklace

A necklace with a simple chain needs to have a pendant to match with it and the person wearing as well as the kind of occasion. Sometimes pendants are termed as slides because of the fact that it can slide easily off a chain and can be match with another chain to come up with another unique trendy effect.... More on this page..

Emerald Earrings

Emeralds have been used as gemstones for jewelries for many centuries now even during the ancient civilizations in the past. Today, the use of emerald is still as... More on this page..

Eyebrow Rings

There are also rings made from different types of steel such as titanium, silver, steel, bronze, gold, blackline and zircon. Titanium metals are non-irritating and best for people who have hypersensitivity and irritation to other metal types. Zircon is best for a healing piercing. Bronze, silver and gold has been used as accessories for centuries because of its luster and amazing features. There are also eyebrow rings made from materials such... Continue reading..

Hand Wraps

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Jewelry Stores In Atlanta

When hunting for jewelries in Atlanta you should be cautious because you can be subjected to theft or you can be scammed by other people. It is important that you choose the store that you will buy jewelry from appropriately. Choose the ones with a well established name and a good reputation to their customers. You can ask your colleagues and friends for jewelers that provide good service and genuine products. You can inquire... Click here to read more..

Leather Wrap Bracelets

The bracelet is made of leather. It can have a bead work on it or other designs such as charms and imprinted inspirational words. Wearing leather wrap bracelets around the wrists is very trendy. They can be available in different colors such as red, blue, green, brown, black and white. Some makers of this accessory also add precious stones to make it look more attractive and sophisticated. Leather wrap bracelets are not that hard to... Find out more...

Moissanite Rings

Moissanite rings are pieces of jewelry that are really becoming more and more popular every day. At first glance, women... To read more click here...

Owl Jewelry

People who want to have a symbol of an owl on their jewelry have their reasons and their reasons may vary depending on how they perceive or how they... More on this page..

Sideways Cross Necklace

They can have different types of pendants made from precious stones or carved metals. One of the most widely talked about necklace today is the sideways cross necklace. This necklace has been seen worn by many celebrities and well known people such as Jessica Biel, Vanessa Hudgens, Taylor Jacobson and Kourtney Kardashian. Along with its gaining popularity different meanings related to it are also being... Read more..

Wrap Bracelets

The use of wire wrapped to form a loop for the purpose of creating a bracelet is one of the ancient methods of manual creation of jewelries. With wire wrapped armlets, the wire pieces are mechanically linked together without the use of a solder iron. This approach can be also utilized... Click here to continue..

Yoga Jewelry

When these types of jewelries were introduced, some of the people did not really care much about them at all. But these accessories are not just items that you wear with your... Find out more...

Vintage Engagement Rings

There are a lot of families that have this special engagement ring that has been passed from generation to generation and is usually given to the eldest son of the family which will then be given to their fiancés once they decide to wed. These rings have been designed centuries ago and can reflect a family heirloom. If you do not have a family antique engagement... Find out more...

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

If you are certain that the woman you love will answer ‘yes’ to your proposal soon, reading on will help you learn about princess cut diamond rings. Most men plan carefully their wedding proposal. Every detail is taken into consideration,... More on this page..

Right Hand Rings

If you wear a ring on your right hand, it will reflect your creative mind and attitude. Time has never changed a lot; women are still lower in number compared to men. For that reason, many women use their right hand for symbolizing independence and self-... Source..

Antique Wedding Rings

Estate rings are ones less than fifty years old. They may also refer to used rings purchased only last year. Rings that were made earlier than 1950 are the most charming and unique rings in the world, which have stood the test of time and remained beautiful. Several couples today are in quest of wedding rings which could best describe their love for each other and even though modern wedding rings look pretty, they generally lack the character often associated... Read more..

Ring Size

It can be a necklace, earrings, bracelet or a ring. A ring or a hoop is often a round band utilized to beautify the ears, the toes, the noses or usually, the fingers. The... Click here to read more..

Unique Engagement Rings

This ring is given to the girl and is worn until marriage. Engagement rings are not similar to wedding rings though. A wedding ring is used to indicate the marital bond between two people while an engagement ring is a symbol that a woman is already scheduled to be married. It has been a practice for a lot of families that the engagement ring of their great grandmothers and ancestors are being passed on from... Click here to continue..

Vintage Engagement Rings

There are different types of vintage engagement rings and there are different colors, varying stones and gems to choose from. Well, the very first thing that you will need to consider is your budget. The prices of... Source..

Gift Ideas

Is a special occasion approaching? Have you thought of any special gift to give your loved one? Stay away from conventional and cliched gifts and give a try to something new and more interesting for the recipient. A unique gift with your personal touch and creativity can bring your loved one to the peak of his joy. Every gift you give to special someone should reflect your personality. Before buying, you... Source of information..

Gifts For Grandparents

Whether near or far, kids always include in their lists of priorities their gifts for grandparents.  They say that grandparents are the comfort of the little ones when their wants cannot pass to their parents. Often little ones are spoiled with not just so much love from their grannies but often as well as with material things such as toys of their choices. Often it is also noticeable that for the little ones their little whims and... Find out more...

Crotchless Pantyhose

Some of these are also made with no side panels or with a circular hole on the side area. The last one is a hose that almost resemble garter belt stockings. The part that is removed here is larger than the first two types of... Read more..

Cute Lingerie

During the First World War, a lot of women had to fill in for most of the men’s work roles which created a demand... Click here to continue..

Girls In Bathing Suits

If you do not have old suits to try on, shopping in your local retail stores is the option. But before going to stores, you need to spend first even a short time to look at your whole body in the mirror and realize what your body shape is. This can make your search much easier and faster. After determining your shape at home with... More on this site..

Retro Lingerie

Retro style is somewhat the mainstream and most certainly the lingerie. Designers and manufacturers designed new collections of Lingerie where they called RETRO LINGERIE.  They mostly produced underwear with detailing bras and suspender belts that definitely... Read more..

Sexy Maids

“A sexy and beautiful woman will clean your home, your car or your office”. Now it should be noted that these sexy maids are not just hired to... Click here to read more..

Video Vixens

The vixens in a single video can be just a single woman or a number of them depending on the vision of the director. Most sexy vixens that people see in hip hop or... To read more click here...

Candy Buffets

Normally they are being presented through candy buffets.Candy buffets are now being adapted to make occasions even sweeter. Special celebrations like birthday party, corporate affairs, debut bash, wedding event, anniversary and baby shower become more fashionable with wide-array of sweeties around. Festive ambience will surely be felt... More on this page..